Find Marina dos Anjos Hostel

The Marina dos Anjos Hostel is located at Praia dos Anjos in Arraial do Cabo, 140km away from Rio de Janeiro.
The location is privileged, close to the bus station (15min walk), main beaches and 5 minutes from commercial center, bars, restaurants and banks. 

How to Arrive

Departing from Rio de Janeiro:

By Car -
Go over the Rio-Niterói bridge, take the exit closer to the left (direction Rio Bonito), follow through Rio-Manila for 25km, then through BR-101 for 36km until Rio Bonito, take the toll road Via Lagos direction Região dos Lagos.
At Via Lagos ride 68km more, until São Pedro da Aldeia, then 13km more until Cabo Frio, and at the São Cristovão Interchange (Trevo), at the end of Avenida América Central, enter the RJ-140 that connects Cabo Frio to Arraial do Cabo in 10km.
Tme of travel: 2 hours.

By Bus - At Rodoviária Novo Rio (bus station), take the Auto-Viação 1001 - Site:
Phone: 0300 313 1001
Time of travel: 3 hours.

Departing from São Paulo:

By Car -
Go to Rio with the Via Dutra and then follow indications at "Departing from Rio", above.
Bus - At Rodoviária Tietê (Bus Station) - Auto-viação 1001
Phone: 0300 313 1001. Take bus to Cabo Frio.
Time of travel: 8 hours.

Departing from Belo Horizonte:

By Car -
Take road BR-040 to the entrance of Magé/Rio Bonito or keep going to Rio arriving at the Linha Vermelha or Avenida Brasil and follow indications to Rio-Niterói bridge from which you follow the indications "Departing from Rio", above.
Bus - Belo Horizonte x Cabo Frio
Auto Viação Útil, Phone: +55 31 271-6115 - Website:
Get on the bus to Cabo Frio.
From Cabo Frio take the local lines (Salineira) to Arraial do Cabo.
Belo Horizonte x Rio de Janeiro
Auto Viação Útil, Phone: +55 31 271-6115 - Website:
Get on a bus to Cabo Frio.

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